5 Ways Mock Interviews Will Help You

What is a Mock Interview?

Mock interview or pseudo-interview or mock-ups are like a practice session used to help applicants clear a job interview. This process provides a candidate with an opportunity to rehearse for an interview and gather feedback for the same.  This form of pretend interview provides candidates with an insight into how an actual job interview is conducted and also prepares them to clear it.

mock-up interview benefits

5 ways in which mock interviews can help you:

Using mock interviews as a rehearsal to ace at job interviews is a popular new age guidance tool used by many universities, organizations, and institutes. The sole motive of conducting a mock session is to motivate and help candidates attempt at perfection. From a face to face personal interaction to an online test or a telephonic session, there are many ways in which a mock interview is conducted. Written below are 5 reasons, how mock-ups can help you prepare for that job interview.

  • Say hello to self-confidence and bid adieu to apprehension: Job interviews can be very stressful and can leave you feeling extremely anxious. Gathering answers for possible interview questions, preparing for suitable responses or analyzing one’s strengths and weakness for a job role can all add up to your stress levels and subsequently demotivate you. Worry no more, because the more you practice mock-ups the more confident and motivated you get to handle any kind of job interview. As the saying goes ‘practice makes a man perfect’, similarly mock-ups help you rectify your shortcomings and prepare you as perfectly as possible for the interview.
  • Opens the door to great advice and feedback: There is no such thing as a perfect interviewee or contender for a job role. This is why mock-ups help you practice and improve your responses to possible questions or situations in an interview. One important aspect of taking up mock sessions is the pool of feedback. These feedback sessions help us not only identify our weak areas but also help us refine them. Feedback can help us plan our interview tone and improve our research for it.
  • Get set ready for behavioral questions: We all know that behavioral questions play an integral part in a job interview. This is why it is important to know and be prepared for it. Body language, gestures, and your appearance are some of the concepts dealt with extensively in a mock interview. One is expected to showcase perfect behavioral skills through the entire interview process and this is achievable only with the guidance of mock-ups. You also get to learn and improve professional etiquette with these mock sessions.
  • Back to the basics and general knowledge: Mock-ups not only train you or help you identify profession based questions but also takes you down the basics lane. As important as it is to prepare for probable customized questions, one must not ignore the basics and general knowledge. Commonly asked questions may include your introduction, your strengths and weakness, future aspirations and more. Accordingly, it is a bigger challenge to answer a commonly asked question than a technical or a profession based question.
  • All of the above for all levels: Mock-ups are rightly identified as the bridge between the success and failure of a candidate in successfully clearing a job interview. Statistics prove that the ratio of success in candidates who practice using mock interviews is higher than candidates who don’t. Mock-ups are the helping aid that supports the practice sessions across all levels in any organization. Right from a fresher to a senior level executive, all rely on mock interviews to brush up their interview skills.

Conclusion: Mock interviews are the best way to practice, prepare and improve your interview skills. The feedback and mock practice sessions help enhance your chances of successfully clearing a job interview.

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