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RedWoodFT – The Online Brokerage and Wealth Management solution is built with a full appreciation for the changing trends in the market. The modules of the product suite can be integrated into the financial institution’s infrastructure. RedWoodFT has the ability to trade domestic equities, mutual funds, options and option strategies. RedWoodFT offers a suite of multi-currency financial service products, which include brokerage, asset management, aggregation, on-line banking and wealth management. RedWoodFT suites of products are configurable and help financial institutions for international private labeling.

Key Modules

  • RedEqiOpt – This module includes a basic functionality of over-the-counter options, equity options and index options, American and European types of options.
  • RedHAS – This module provides Hedging and Arbitrage.
  • RedCTS – Common Trading Strategies provides tools for speculative strategies, income strategies, hedging strategies, and arbitrage strategies.
  • RadiantRedReps – This module provides real time reports of all the trading done during the day.
  • RedWealth – Wealth Management.
  • RedBroker – Brokerage.
  • RedAsset – Asset Management.
  • RedAggregate – Aggregation.
  • RedBank – Multi-Country and On-line Banking.
  • RedCurrency – Multi-Currency Solutions.
  • RedTools – Online Financial Calculators & Analysis Tools.