RadHIPAA – Radiant’s HIPAA Management Solution is a customized solution that truly ensures implementation of provisions under the HIPAA Act. It provides for standardization of Patient Health / Medical, Administrative and Financial Records. RadHIPAA helps Standardization of Patient Health, Administrative and Financial Data, for Establishment of Unique Health Identifiers for individuals, employers, Health Plans and for Health Care Services Providers for implementation of Security Measures to protect the Confidentiality and Integrity of past, present and future Patient Healthcare Information, for Standardization of Electronic Data Interchange Technology and for Faster Portability of Healthcare and Insurance Information across Organizations and Systems. Radiant provides an unique methodology for implementation of these solutions to various healthcare providers and insurances companies.

HIPPA Compliance Risk Assessments and Impact Analyses, HIPPA Compliance Planning and HIPPA Remediation and Implementation Plans are an integral part of our solutions.