Banking & Finance

The Indian banking industry is passing through a phase of customers market. The customers have more choices in choosing their banks. A competition has been established within the banks operating in India. With years, banks are extending additional services to the customers and constantly relooking at their current strategies, re-evaluating the business models and reinvesting in building efficient, robust and process driven systems.

New Regulations and compliance, closer watch and regular intervention by government bodies are forcing the banks to be agile yet robust. Stiff competitions are forcing banks to provide products and services which are customer user friendly by leveraging advancement of technology.

  • Radiant’s knowledge & thorough understanding of the banking & finance industry has always been an advantage to service them with various resource requirements on consulting approach.
  • Our large pool of technical & experienced resources is readily accessible for immediate requirements.
  • Our consultant possesses functional, operational and technical knowledge of BFS domain and the leading off- the-shelves products used by the industry.
  • Our consultants competency can help you in
    1. Corporate & Retail banking systems
    2. Maintenance of legacy system
    3. Workflow Management Solutions
    4. Treasury Re-engineering