In today’s competitive and growing global economy, insurers feel the need to expand in emerging markets to reach larger audience. It has become mandatory to support them with innovative products and services for ever changing demographics by following stringent regulatory norms.

Insurers seek to focus on growth with improved customer experience and the challenge always has been to optimize costs and constant need for innovation to retain market position. Insurers are facing challenges to maintain Disparate and cumbersome legacy systems that hinder efficient system integration with multiple trade partners to provide seamless customer service experience.

Insurers feel the need for a more responsive, agile IT to meet the ever changing and dynamic business needs and requirements.

  • Radiant’s Insurance consulting practice offers wide range of consultants who has not only technical expertise but also compliance and regulatory knowledge.
  • We are capable to support through the entire insurance value chain.
  • At Radiant, we have the experience, expertise and capabilities to help you innovate and transform your insurance enterprise.
  • Radiant’s range of solutions span a broad spectrum of services to cater all the sectors in Insurance including Life Insurance, Pensions & Annuities, Property & Casualty, Reinsurance and Broking.